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Festive? [27 Nov 2005|03:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I hate when people get ready for christmas early. mayb its not that early but i think it is! My mom is attempting to put the christmas tree up right now, and this morning we randomly went out to "breakfast w/ santa"? yeahh its not even december!!!
i dont even know why this frustrates me so much. Its prob just cuz i have to wait so much longer from christmas the earlier people start getting ready. Cuz it seems like its so0o0o0o0o far away. doesnt it? annd plus. the snow is melting. which makes me real mad. it'll be gone by tomorrow cuz its suppost to be like 50 tomorrow. BUMMER!!! oo yeah and plus my mom is in suchhh a bitchy mood. so decorating for christmas isnt even fun! >:(
yeahh so..
This weekend was... emotional at parts&stuff like that. i really dont feel like getting into it. :( but its gonna be okay.!
Anddd i have no homework. it feels like 5 orsomthing. not 3? yeppp.
I think im gonna go force myself to listen to christmas music. ? eh?

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Heyyy long time no read i bet. [21 Nov 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | confused about lots of stuff ]

Ya huh. so i basicially havent updated in a extreamly long time ((not as if any of you care)) heh ;) soo yeah. I've been real busy. w/ track+babysitting.
I am so sick of babysitting you dont understand. all of the sudden ive had to babysit. and at the worst of times too. like they'll be weekends when my friends and i have nothing planed. its just a plain old weekend and do you think i have to babysit thennn nope? only on the days that i dont wanna do anything other than hang out w/ my friends!! likee birthday parties and holiday weekends. and i always feel like im missing out.
Speaking of holiday weekends!!!... tomorrow is technicially a thursday!! woot. <3 thanksgiving+good food+getting ready for CHRISTMAS! WHICH IS MY ABSOLUTE FAV. HOLIDAY IN THE WHOLE WORLD yes. i love christmas. heh :)
Thats really all i feel like talking about at the moment.
yeahh so bye. comment, mayb?

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pictures..I <3 my best friends [27 Oct 2005|07:37pm]
[ mood | pretty good... ]

So.. heres some awsome pics- ((sry they're pretty small))

me and britt, being stupid. haha



We heart costumes!!



Danielle_Britt_&Me    :P



Yepp so everythings been going pretty good. execpt that we lost our playoff game today. ehh. its kinda sad. the season went by so fast. i had so much funnnn this year  :D I made the ECIC all star team. but idk what it actually is. I'm pretty sure its not an actual team.. its just recegnition ya know? annnd yeah tomorrow's friday TGIF!! so. i dont have much eles to say.. so cya

<33 ashley

comment if ya wish

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Boo!! --> :D [16 Oct 2005|05:51pm]
[ mood | 0o0o idk? ]

This weekend was s0o0o much funn!!! Friday we had our field hockey game and CrUsHeD east auora.. 5-0! lol they were actually really bad but a win's a win. S0o0o then Kelly, Britt, and I went to the movies to see just like heaven. It was aDorAbLe! i <3ed it! Then we went back to kelly's house and ate cookies while watching grease. lol. Sat I went to the football game w/ britt and sarah and they lost. duh. Thennn we got pizza at great northern and saw SANATA no suprizes there. hahah i fell bad for that poor old man. lmao britt too a pic of him!! =0 Then a few girls came over and we went to Dark Raven Manor. ee! it was really scary but it was so much fun. Then we went back to my house and watched movies. S0o0 today i went to religion. i didnt feel like going today. Emily was the preistest. ;) Then fam came over for dinner and to watch the bills game. ehh stupid global. i must study.
<333 ashley

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A random thursday off... [13 Oct 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Heyy. So0o this thursday off was pretty sweet. lol Last night we had a field hockey game and.. we won! lol yay. Then we had our team sleepover which was so0o0o much fun :) haha. we ate pancakes for dinnerand had a wedding, it was awsome. I was a flower girl.. yeah, you're jelous ;)
Then today i went to danielles house w/ sarah r and brittany. We went to wegamans and got makeup and ice cream and read magazines, then went back to her house and hung out. lol soo. im kinda bummed about going to school 2morrow.but its only one day and its friday!! so we have a weekend to look forward to :D
so yep COMMENT anddd see you all 2morrow my loves
<333 ashley

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mmm why am I so stupid?! [09 Oct 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

Kayyy so0o, hey everyone :). I just got done watching desprite housewives. It was pretty good if you ask me. s0oo this weekend was good, so far. Friday night was pretty mm, intersting. lol/pointless. Brittany, Sarah r, danielle, kelly, and me wanted to go to "Dave and Busters" lol...but we couldnt go in cuz we had to b like 18 or older. So then we walked over to frightworld hahah. it we were all waiting out side when this little boy ran out and he was like "AHHHH CHAINSAW MAN!!!" lol so i was like alrighttt then. Then this freaky guy with a chain saw came after us. hahah. we all like fell in the bushes. haha. and britt ran down the street, by herslef. lol. so we went inside and it was 17 freaking bucks to go to five little haundted house so we were like uhh screw this! ;) lol. so we went to the mall which kinda sucked cuzz it was like 8:50 and the mall closes at 9. then we saw vanessa in the food court and.. yah. SOo I called my mom, and she picked us up and took us so Sorrintinos. It was funn. good times, good times. lol Thenn i went to britts for the night. and at 2 we went to the football game. there we met up w/ sarah, tom, christian, zach, and yahs.Poor south, they lost by one point!! and yeah, Itt was so0o0o0o cold. lol When i got home that night i realized that i forgot my bag at britts house. umm that sucks cuz it has liek all my makeup and my brush+tooth brush and ahh. so i dont have any makeup to wear. lol scary.
So today i went to my aunts house in ra-cha-cha for my grandmas birhtday. NaNnIe!!! ;);) lol she going bakc to florida 2morrow so.. im not gonna see her for a really long time... and yeah noww im home blahh.
2morrow we dont have school!! yay :D i think that im going to ski mart to look at snowboards!!! :D ee im really excited!!!
allllright so comemnt please!!! cuz i<3 when you do that...

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ummhmm. its the freakin weekend :) [07 Oct 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Tgif :) so right now, im really bored. waiting for the gurlies to get back from their field hockey game. our game got cancled, thank god. i really wouldnt have wanted to play in this crappy weather.This week was fine i guess. It went by oh so fast. lol and yesss 3 day weekend!! :) execpt i have ToNs of homework to do. bummer. but w/e. so we got our early today. yess 15 min less of math. and now im gonna do somthing els cuz theres nothing eles to talk about. ummmm whatta pointless entry!!!
<333 ashley

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bahhhhh :\ [04 Oct 2005|08:38pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Heyy. Today was alright. the past two days have gone by fast. so i <3 even days. for many reasons that im not gonna say. but they're way more fun. hah.umhm so i didnt really feel like doing my hw tonite. buttt i have two study hall 2morrow so... its all good :) hah today in field hockey, julie wasnt there, cuz shes in florida. so we had like a sub for her... amanda. lol she was... intersting. haha and today during perimiters we sang the funniest song, cuz my mom made us run another one after we stretched cuz we only ran two. so we sang liek the army song... "Idk what i been told"... "Idk what i' been told", "Perimiters are getting old" Preimeters are getting old" .. sound of 1-2 ... ((and so on))we screamed it,b ut my mom still didnt hear it. it was so funnyyy haha. ur prob. thinking what a dork, when you read this. but i suppose you had to b there. lol
well alright. im done.. comments would b lovely :D

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Aww i <3 fall. [02 Oct 2005|01:08pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Heyyy! :) so mmm. the weekend was pretty cool. Friday night I went to the football game w/ britt, danielle, and sarah. and we hung out w/ people.. and watched the game? they lost boo hoo. and that was the last friday night game. :\. S0o then after the game we all went to starbucks. It was funn. Kevin played the guitar for lauren. awww how cute :) and umhm. Then my mom came to pick me up and i went home and feel asleep.
The next morning we had a field hockey game. it was at 1. which was pretty awsome cuz i got to sleep in for the first time in like 1740372046502 days. Jv and Varsity both rode on the same bus to starpoint. and hmm guess what?! WE BOTH WON! i was really happy. sarah's sister is the jv coach. and my aunt is the varsity coach ((at starpoint) lol. but i kinda felt bad when we beat my aunt. cuz her team won games agenst the teams that we lost to, so ithink that they should have won. but i think we played OUR BEST GAME EVER!! :D umhm Then i went to allis rally and bowled and hung out w/ some people. Thennn i went to brittanys to sleep over w/ sarah. some other people were suppost to come but... they got STABBED IN THE LEG BY THEIR DIRT BIKES bummer huh? yeah bs. lol and yeah last night was fun ;).
S0o0o now i just got back from religion like 10 min. ago. it was fun. as usual. lol i normally hate religoin. its just cuz we have a fun class :).
so now idk what im gonna do. my whole family is out picking apples, WITH OUT ME!?!? =0. ehh w/e ill live. idk if i have homework or not. i prob do. so alright
wellll. comment please:)
and yes and Do ya like the new layout?!?! My love riya did it for me.! she's and absolute doll.
kk ::comment:: ::cya::

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Nothing comes as easy as you <3 [28 Sep 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | wo0o...? ]

ee im way to lazy to update. idk what to talk about. woo but WE WON A GAME! it was 1-0 but hey, its a win. Lauren scored :) and i played pretty crappy. but w/e. so0o0o school is, school kinda boring. and umm i cant wait for the weekend. :D 2morrows thursday already. i love thursday cuz the next day is friday<3 and... THE OC IS ON!!! aww amazing. umhm so i just got my november issue of seventeen. i hate how early they come. it pisses me off greatly. but i cant help but reading it from cover to cover.
i have ran out of things to say. its ok if you dont comment cuz this entry is so0o0o pointless. i just feel bad when dont update for a while :)
kk cya my loves

Ed Mystery Man (9:32:52 PM): i know your team better then you
Ashlee m14f (9:32:59 PM): haha ok then..
Ashlee m14f (9:33:00 PM): stalker
Ashlee m14f (9:33:11 PM): jk jk
Ed Mystery Man (9:33:18 PM): i stalk you ladies
Ashlee m14f (9:33:43 PM): yeahhh why wouldnt you?
Ed Mystery Man (9:33:55 PM): nothing stops me
Ed Mystery Man (9:34:28 PM): so many girls so many skirts i just cant help it

--ahh field hockey*

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Awww :) [25 Sep 2005|01:55pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Home coming!!! was beautiful as you can see. I had a lotta fun. and i know its only gonna get better. here are some of the few of the pictures that we took. We should have taken more. but... o well

sarah, britt, me, and kelly.

and us again, outside.

So any whooo.  home coming was s0o0o much fun. once everyone started dancing. lol thenn a few people came to my house and we just hung out and what not. lol then this morning i had religoin. hahah good times. its not as bad as i thought it was going to be. i mean at least i have cool people in my class. ummhmm. so blahhh 2morrows monday. i think everyones gonna pile on the hw cuz its not homecoming anymore. and ahh i hate that it was so early cuz now theres nothing to look forward to :( anyways, it was fun while it lasted.

i have to go finish hw and clean my room. anddd tonight my cousin is having his birhtday party at my home soooo lol family party, yessss! ((JK!))

kk, see you all 2morrow, bright n' early :D

lo0o0ove you!<3

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Home Coming!!!!! [23 Sep 2005|10:39pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Woo. my first homecoming week. and i must say it was pretty damn sweet. lol. Hall decorating was so0o0o cool. umm freshmen should have won ;) heh jk. jk. and yeah, movie night was alright... kinda boring. we had a field hockey game that day. so we all came in late with our bk crowns on cuz we're just cool like that. And powder puff was fun i suppose. Today was shortened periods.. yessss. i <3 em. they make the day go by so fast. The assembly was at the end of the day. it was cute. lol i was crying when the nomanees (or w/e) idk i just tought it was adorable. And then... field hockey game, we lost. 3-1. boo us. Thennnnnn homecoming football game! it was really fun. i just hung out with everyone. i <3 just like sitting in big groups and stuff. lol. Then we all went to starbucks and chilled ;) no0ow im home. lol i have to wake up early 2morrow to go to the FRICKING RETREAT! THAT I REALLY REALLY REALLY... REALLY do not want to go to, at all. its alllllll day long and the dance is 2morrow night!! ee so im going to kellys w/ britt 2 get ready 2morrow quickly. yep i think that im done. see everyone 2morrow i hope :D shaking their asses on the dance floor. ;)
<3 ya.

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The first full week of school.... [17 Sep 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | restless ]

Umhm, the first week of school is over with. It actually went by fast. Nothing special happened just.. idk school. Friday was the "pep assembly" lol. It was really fun. lol the freshmen got booed a lot hahah. but w/e it was funny. Then, our game got cancled cuz of the rain. which was actually pretty awsome cuz i dont think we would have done that good cuz no one would have been concentrating cuz it was the beginning of homecoming. lol IT was so0o0o wierd not having field hockey. i didnt know what to do. I went home got ready then went to the village grill w/ britt, sare, kelyy, lindz, danielle, sarah, and grechen. It was really fun. Then we went to food mart to gum and almost got run over haha Then we went to the football game. Eee it was really foggie and humid+cold at the same time. Thennn it started drizzeling and uhh it wasnt the best football game. but heyyy they won.!! thats cool.After i went over to kellys house w/ lindz. it was funny. we just hugn out and talked for a little bit. then i went home and "hit the hay." hhahahah
So today im off to buy a homecoming dress. :) lol and then im not sure what im doing tonight.? soo yep. i dont really feel like going in to full detail about sutff so thats why this entry is so bleh. lol but comment cuz ya luv me? lol

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uMmM.. update? [11 Sep 2005|12:59pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

woo,update finally. I've just been really busy&stuff. So0o0o i suppose high schools going ok. We've only been in school for 3days but doesnt it seem like so0o0o0 much longer?? Field hockey has been awsome too. We won our first scrimage!! 1-0 im just happy we won!! ee our first game is wed. agenst north!!! wish ur luck!! Lets see.. The O.C was thursday. umm. I execpted more. i didnt think it was all that great. although i didnt get to see the first 10 min. cuz my dad's crazy. He was like.. the most hated peron in the world to me... thursday. First he was SCREAMING at me during my fh game. and i was like woah.. wtf. he just started screaming and like.. i was like OMG JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!! and then he left and didnt even say good game or anything... cuz he had to go ot a meeting or w/e. i came home, went to subway, then took a shower I came down stairs it was like 7:50 and i was putting an awy message up that i was watching the season permier of the oc.. and he walked in the door. He was like what the hell r u doing on the computer!! do your homework now!! I had already done half of it in school and i was gonna finish it after the oc. So i went and sat down to watch the oc.. and he was like is ur homework done? i was like... no?? and he was like WELL GO DO IT NOW!!! i was so pissed cuz the oc is my fav show in the whole entire world, and i was waiting for the new season since last season ended. So went up stairs.. and stared crying. lmao. its funny now thati think about it. So then my mom came up and she was liek o0o0oo hunnie.!! ;) and i was liek why the hell is dad so stupid. and she was like i know he doenst need to put all that stress on you. So she let me go in the basement and watcht. my dad came down and he was like, is ur homework done, and i was like NO!! but mopm said i could come down and watch it!!! HAHA IN HIS FACE! so yeah that was a long story.... but yeah
Friday night was "kewl". I went out to dinner at sorrintions w/ some field hockey girlies. It was fun.they ran out of plates so i had to eat out of the chicken finger bowl :P. Then... I went with kelly to drop off her back pack at the glen park tavern to her mommy. Then we met kate and ali at food mart and bought candy. Then we met sare and britt at south for the north football game. It was a good time.
Then haha the rest of my weekend was not fun at all. so im not gonan tell you about it. hahah umm well im off to watch the bills game. Fams coming over and o0o0o whos done with their hw..? ASHLEY IS!! :D
oo and its september 11th. aww. :'(
well... have a good sunday everyone
L-U-V you!!
<33 ashley... comment cuz i updated for you.

oo and im gonna update in a little later with some really funny pics of talan. you gotta see em!

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The Last few days of summer.. [06 Sep 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Well, Sunday was the tree party. lol stupid name. Its just a party that my parents throw. it was fine i guess? lol nothing to exciting. Syd and her family came... cool to see her :D and yep.
Monday i went to wegamoondoes (my new name for wegmans that i know you all think is really cool..) and starbucks and steves with lindz and tyler. lol we tried to hold birds again, but there was bird crap all over the floor, pretty gross if you ask me.! Then i babysat. woohoo? and after i came home and watched laguna beach duh! hahah. it wasnt that great. Ive realized that Lcs gay and i dont like her. shes so boring. i mean what does she do all day, sit and mope around her house? o and... "DO PUZZELS" gayy!! no body wants to watch that!! and ive come to sorta like kristen. Shes not as bad as she used to b. Soo yeah that would b my labor day..
I have a headache.
Today..? i had field hockey practice at two:30. and.. that was pretty dandy. After practice i went to decorate mauh locker with kell sare and britt. Then we went to andersons. It was fun. The last thing we did together b4 school starts i guess.
sooo. ITS A SCHOOL NIGHT! woah so wierd.
goodbye.<333 see you all 2morrow i guess IN SCHOOL wierd.

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I guess the only good thing is 4 days till the O.C starts. [04 Sep 2005|11:26am]
[ mood | stressed ]

The Last Weekend of Summer.

I'm trying to make the best of it. Friday night I slept over at Britts. It was really fun. we went to "The Track" hahaha noo0o0o not running ;) we went go carting. Ive never been there b4 and.. it was awsome. My butts sore cuz i was pressing the peddel so hard :-P lol. And then when we got back to her dads house we tried different looks w/ makeup and the usual took pictures and all that fun stuff. Sat night sucked. My mom told these people id babysit them with out even asking me (it was last min) and that was NOT what i wanted to do with my last sat. of summer. but... atleast i got paid. So last night. I cried, a lot. It was not fun. I cried so much my eyes burned and a got horrible cramps. I dont even know whats wrong with me. I'm just really sad summers over, and schools starting and i dont wanna lose anyfriends in high school if i dont see them all that much. And... my Grandmas leaving today to go to my cousins house. I wasnt too nice to her while she was here. Shes... not very well, and its sad, really sad. I didnt mean to be mean to her, but she cant help anyof the things she does. ahh its really hard to explain cuz... idk and i prob sound really stupid going on and on about all this crap. Eh todays My parents r having a party. I feel bad for those of you who got invited w/ your parents. lol it might b kinda boring. whatever.

Now i have to go clean the house for the party.  Comment you you wanna <33 you.

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oooo. school starts in exactly one week. =0 [31 Aug 2005|07:09pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Yeahh today was orientation. It was cool to see everyone. And see what the new kids r like. But it was so0o0o long. ee boring. other than the tour, it was like just a repeat of everything that we already heard. ahh like shoot me :P lol jk dont. sooo here is my lovley schedule;) comment and tell me if you have any classes, and even if you already told me, tell me again lol, cuz i forgot. there was a lotta stuff going on today.
1st. Living enviro L (day1) kirisits k
1st.PE (day 246) my mom ahhh. lol
1st.Learning center (day 35) Rodgers P

2ed. Living En R (day 123456) Rodgers P

3rd.Learning Center (day 123456) Horton S

4th. Eng 9R (day 123456) Johnson T

5th.Global 1R (day 123456) Gadd J

6th. Studio Art (day 123456) Dewind V

7th. French 2R (day123456) Cirtelli L

8th Lunch.

9th Math 1R (day 123456) Cummings/Arena

yeahh that would b it*
After Kelly and Sarah came over we just hung out and went to starbucks and stevies.. ;)and ooo Kelly and I had birds climb on us. lol i was so scared, and i almost dropped this huge parrot. eek. Then i went to go get my hair highlighted... they're very blonde. Like.. casey from laguna beach blonde (( well the highlights r atleast)) but... i like it tho.

kk well that would b it.. comment [you know the dealieo];)
<333 moi

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[30 Aug 2005|04:23pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Wow, i just realized that today is.... MY LJ'S BIRTHDAY! wo0o ho0o. I've had it for exactly one year thank you very much. welll* HAPPY BIRHTDAY :D...((oh god im sucha dork)). Anyways... that would b that.

We had field hockey at 8:30 today. i actually like it better cuz... it helps me to get used to get ready for waking up for school. yesterday there were cuts. uhh yeah. I made varstiy and i think my dads really excited, like he wouldnt stop talking about it. Sooo, the running is getting a lot easier. cool cool.  today i just... came home, showered, ate, and napped.

2morrow is orientation. Idk? i guess im excited, but really... what is there to b excited about. other than we get our schedules and see whos in our classes. CUZ YOU DONT UNDERSTAND HOW WORRIED I AM! i really want friends in my classes, expesially freshman year. But i found out a couple of people in my gym class soo yeah. And 2morrow im getting my highlights... that'll b fun? Uhh my mom just got my bus # for school, she threatening me... if i make her late i have to ride the bus.. eee! i think i might be waking up real early this year... o0o0o0oh no.

kk leave comments my lovelys. :D


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Just another pointless entry...* [28 Aug 2005|10:05pm]
[ mood | s0o wierd. ]

Weekends are now weekends again. if you get what i mean, not just one big slur of days. Cuz on weekends we dont have field hockey. 2morrow i am gonna b so out of it. Well this weekend? it was alright. I went to another bisions game on friday, with my cousins from out of town. lol ive gone to so many games latley its stupid. Then sat. sare and i finally went to FOFA and ya know what? IT SUCKED. so much for that. Then we went to starbucks. Thenn... we hung out at her house, her "digi" came in and of course... we took pictures. After that tony came over i finally met him, finally. lol. Then... we kinda watched movies, went to starbucks... AGAIN. and.. went to the wet park? where sarah fell off the seesaw. hahhaha. Then i slept over at sares. And i came home this morning to babysit my sisters, brother, and GRANDMA ((nannie!! ::wink::) alllllll day. hmm pain. Andd thats it. My parents came home from their golg tourny. my dad lost the championship by a stoke. bummer, i feel bad for him. And yeah i really dont know what eles to say execpt...NO ONE EVER LEAVES COMMENTS ANYMORE. o0o0oh and im dead serious. please comment.. please? and...No one updates any more!! UPDATE MY FRIENDS. UPDATE! ok, i believe i made my point. k bye. oh and something eles... the vMas.... WERE HORRIBLE. the worst by far. i thought so. hbu.....

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Happy Birthday Andrew Joseph ;) [25 Aug 2005|09:02pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey. i kinda havent udated in a while.. so here ya go kids. Field hockey has been going better since my last entry. lol im actually remembering my stick ;) we're doing a lotta running, but i guess its all good. Im happy cuz i actually got an acknowledgment :D lol i was happy.
So yesterday i went to the blue and white game w/ sare britt. it was boring so, we went to andersons where we saw... the one and only... will butt. yes. will butt. haha but we didnt talk or anything i think he was kinda avoiding us. oh! and we saw tom drum!! haha it was soo funny he was like, "OMG! OMG! THIS IS SO0O0O WIERD!! SO WIERD!!" hahah that kid it tooo cute.heh. So.. then i went home. So.. after field hockey today i went to the bisions game for ajs birthday. We had a box, and it was actually kinda fun. I got on tv like 4 times lol. cool cool. So then we had his family birthday party or w/e. and riya and lyndsey came over for a little bit, yay! lol it was fun to see them.. and yeah thats about it.
so0o0o,my mom went into school today cuz she had a meeting or w/e and she got my schedule for me. IT SUCKS. its so bad i dont even want to talk about it. i hope i get it changed cuz it is rediculous. i was really crying, and im not kidding. ((yeah im a cry baby))all i can say is that it doesnt change, and i dont have friends in my classes... it was b one very crappy year, im not even joking.
ahh welll im done. you know the deal. comment.

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